I was born and raised in Rollingstone, Minnesota and I currently live in Winona, Minnesota.  I left the driftless region in my late 20’s and returned in my late 30’s.  It wasn’t until leaving my home area and moving west that I felt the pull towards making art for a living.  On a trip to Maui, Hawaii I made the decision to pursue a life as an artist.  Six months after that trip I moved to Maui with the goal and desire of becoming a studio furniture maker.

The 7 years I lived in Hawaii shaped many aspects of my life, spiritually and physically.  I learned a craft, art, and way of being during those years that will be evident in my life forever.  Aloha is a word that means many things, but not least of which is love.  I have heard it said that Aloha is ineffable, indescribable and indefinable with words alone; to be understood, it must be experienced. Even today while trying to be very aware of place while designing my pieces I make a conscious effort to put as much aloha into my work as possible.

I have been making furniture, custom architectural features, sculpture, and wall hanging art professionally for the past 12 years.  I find that quite often these disciplines influence eachother in my creations making for pieces that have a fluid feel as well as a natural and elemental look.  In my work, I enjoy playing with subtle curves to make conscious connections with things I have observed in the natural world, such as the ever changing face of a wave, or a curving blade of grass.  These forms and attention to detail can be discovered in my furniture, woodwork, and fine art.  I am driven to explore various mediums hoping to uncover their mysteries and have the courage to be guided by what I find.